Suzy Goes See’s Best Of 2013

Images from a few 2013 stand-outs: A Sign Of The Times, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, All My Sons, Hamlet, Empire: Terror On The High Seas, Hay Fever, Bodytorque.Technique, Waiting For Godot.

Images from a few 2013 stand-outs: A Sign Of The Times, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, All My Sons, Hamlet, Empire: Terror On The High Seas, Hay Fever, Bodytorque.Technique, Waiting For Godot.

This is a wrap up of special moments since the commencement of Suzy Goes See in April 2013. A personal selection from over 100 productions seen in Sydney. Thank you to artists, companies, publicists and punters who have supported Suzy Goes See in 2013. I cannot wait for more shenanigans with you in the new year!

Update: Click here for the Best Of 2014 list.

Suzy x

♥ Avant Garde Angels
The bravest and most creative experimental works in 2013.

♥ Quirky Questers
The most unusual and colourful characters to appear on our stages in 2013.

♥ Design Doyennes
Outstanding visual design in 2013. Fabulous lights, sets and costumes.

♥ Darlings Of Dance
Breathtaking brilliance in the dance space of 2013.

♥ Musical Marvels
Outstanding performers in cabaret and musicals in 2013.

♥ Second Fiddle Superstars
Scene-stealers of 2013 in supporting roles.

♥ Champs Of Comedy
The cleverest, sharpest, and funniest performances of 2013.

♥ Daredevils Of Drama
Bold and excellent acting in dramatic roles in 2013.

♥ Wise With Words
The most interesting and intelligent scripts of 2013.

♥ Directorial Dominance
The most impressive work in direction for 2013.

♥ Shows Of The Year
Nice coincidence to have different genres represented: drama, musical, dance, comedy and cabaret.

♥ Suzy’s Special Soft Spot
For an exceptional work I saw in Melbourne.


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A Sign Of The Times (The Follies Company)

signofthetimesVenue: NIDA Parade Theatres (Kensington NSW), Sep 11 – 21, 2013
Playwright: Stephen Helper
Director: Stephen Helper
Actors: Scott Irwin

Theatre review (of preview performance, Sep 11)
One does not go to the theatre expecting the earth to move or a spiritual experience to take place, but a hope always exists in approaching the unknown darkness of a pre-show stage, that just maybe, tonight is going to be special. If once upon a time, you had seen an artist’s work that had overcome you and instilled a life long love for the arts, an unconscious yearning exists for that moment to recur. A Sign Of The Times is not perfect, but it is a play that can shake you to your core.

Like all great works of art, Stephen Helper’s script is about life. It is also about depression, and the obstacles we face that are so challenging that they stop us in our tracks and seem to be completely insurmountable. At these moments of stagnation, the mind goes into overdrive, and this is where the play starts. It features a lone character, performed by Scott Irwin , who delves into every cerebral space with themes like love, literature, poetry, mathematics, science, history, and a whole lot of philosophy. Irwin is perfectly cast as a man overflowing with palpable sadness. This is not a quality that he acts out explicitly but something that seems to manifest in his very being. Irwin’s performance is thoughtful and mature, and we benefit from him taking time with all his lines, many of which are dense and intellectual. He plays the character with tremendous, authentic and heavy emotion, but always careful to pay reverence to Helper’s words.

Helper’s direction is adventurous and dynamic. In contrast to the stasis of life in the play, Helper is effective at varying stage action to prevent anything from turning too severe or dull.  Lighting and sound together, play an important part of the story, and both are very accomplished indeed. Moments of silence are also introduced with powerful effect, and it is in those moments that the character is at his most vulnerable and the theatre feels most intimate.

A Sign Of The Times isn’t always an easy ride, but the journey into excavating the fundamental truths of life cannot be. There is a depth in Helper and Irwin’s work that is rare and incredibly moving. We understand that devastation and salvation make for good drama, but it is the way they portray these experiences, with dignity, bravery and truth, that has created something that shines bright, and eternal, like a diamond.

5 Questions with Scott Irwin

scottirwinWhat is your favourite swear word?
I have a lot of fun with the C-word, but only ever in fun, it becomes a bit off if you’re serious! Generally I replace every swear word with “Jeepers!” which is simultaneously old fashioned, family friendly and contagious to others.

What are you wearing?
A blue t-shirt and jeans.

What is love?
Wow… love is giving.

What was the last show you saw, and how many stars do you give it?
Do you know what? It was Legally Blonde the musical, and I have to say I’d give it 4.5 stars out of 5. A slick, sharp, snappy and hilarious example of a modern musical.

Is your new show going to be any good?
Yep. Steve Helper’s writing is fantastic… and if I can just say all of the things he’s written we’ll be off to a fine start! A Sign Of The Times is a story for anyone who has ever wondered WHY…
Read Suzy’s review here

Scott Irwin is starring in A Sign Of The Times.
Show dates: 11 – 21 Sep, 2013
Show venue: NIDA Parade Theatres