Oh! My Shattered Illusions (Seymour Centre)

Kelly Young New CabaretVenue: Sound Lounge, Seymour Centre (Sydney NSW), Sep 12 – 14, 2013
Writer: Kelly Young
Director: Chris Rutherford
Musical Director: Peter McDonald
Performer: Kelly Young

Theatre review
The show starts with a song about taboos. Indeed the cabaret is the perfect space for the exploration of the subversive, antithetical, and rude. Fortunately, even though Kelly Young’s material is frequently bawdy and coarse, her most memorable features are her warm sincerity and open-hearted joy. Without the slightest hint of menace or cattiness, any joke she makes no matter how extreme, is met with gleeful and knowing laughter.

Young’s material is full of thoughtful wit that delivers a wonderful sense of playfulness. Along with musical director Peter McDonald, Young performs her songs beautifully, and every line is allowed to resonate with meaning and emotion. Her voice is perfectly suited to the style of cabaret she and director Chris Rutherford have created, and one gets a sense of a performer finding the ideal niche for her talents in this production.

The show talks about Young’s “shattered illusions” in terms of a woman growing into her own, and discovering that the wonder of life lies not in myths and promises. Her existence is a blissful one, and her performance, uplifting and infectious. This is a night of song and comedy that comes from a place of enlightenment, and what we witness is a labour of, and about, love.