Suzy Goes See’s Best Of 2013

Images from a few 2013 stand-outs: A Sign Of The Times, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, All My Sons, Hamlet, Empire: Terror On The High Seas, Hay Fever, Bodytorque.Technique, Waiting For Godot.

Images from a few 2013 stand-outs: A Sign Of The Times, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, All My Sons, Hamlet, Empire: Terror On The High Seas, Hay Fever, Bodytorque.Technique, Waiting For Godot.

This is a wrap up of special moments since the commencement of Suzy Goes See in April 2013. A personal selection from over 100 productions seen in Sydney. Thank you to artists, companies, publicists and punters who have supported Suzy Goes See in 2013. I cannot wait for more shenanigans with you in the new year!

Update: Click here for the Best Of 2014 list.

Suzy x

♥ Avant Garde Angels
The bravest and most creative experimental works in 2013.

♥ Quirky Questers
The most unusual and colourful characters to appear on our stages in 2013.

♥ Design Doyennes
Outstanding visual design in 2013. Fabulous lights, sets and costumes.

♥ Darlings Of Dance
Breathtaking brilliance in the dance space of 2013.

♥ Musical Marvels
Outstanding performers in cabaret and musicals in 2013.

♥ Second Fiddle Superstars
Scene-stealers of 2013 in supporting roles.

♥ Champs Of Comedy
The cleverest, sharpest, and funniest performances of 2013.

♥ Daredevils Of Drama
Bold and excellent acting in dramatic roles in 2013.

♥ Wise With Words
The most interesting and intelligent scripts of 2013.

♥ Directorial Dominance
The most impressive work in direction for 2013.

♥ Shows Of The Year
Nice coincidence to have different genres represented: drama, musical, dance, comedy and cabaret.

♥ Suzy’s Special Soft Spot
For an exceptional work I saw in Melbourne.


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Jane Austen Is Dead (Brave Theatre)

janeaustenVenue: New Theatre (Newtown NSW), Sep 16 – 23, 2013
Playwright: Mel Dodge
Director: Patrick Davies
Actor: Mel Dodge

Theatre review
Romantic love for the modern woman is a tricky thing. While Jane Austen’s books are still adored, the meaning of marriage has changed drastically over the last two centuries and we now negotiate relationships afresh without religious or traditional constraints. This opens up a liberated new world, but it also presents a kind of quagmire where some of us are left baffled and defeated.

Mel Dodge’s work expresses this experience perfectly. It is a thorough exploration into the world of a single woman in her 30s who is looking for love, but who in the process, also questions her own motivations and decisions. The script is an honest one. It gets to many ugly truths that audiences will identify with, but wraps it up in humour and wit so that the predicaments portrayed are never allowed to painfully wallow or to turn into misery.

Dodge’s performance of her own script is stellar. She has crafted a protagonist Sophie, who is endearing from the very start, and we develop a warm affiliation that keeps us engaged through every second of the show. The plot freely jumps across time and space, with Dodge playing a whole raft of characters, all believable, familiar and funny, making this one-woman show hugely entertaining and impressive.

Patrick Davies’ direction fleshes out all the cleverness and all that is amusing in the script. The transitions between characters, and the different levels of engagement with the audience are skilfully constructed so that our attention is kept tightly under control and no moment is wasted.

A single flaw would be the play’s abrupt ending. Sophie comes to a conclusion that is at once meaningful and interesting, but it all winds up too swiftly. Although perhaps, it could just be the audience enjoying her company too much and are unwilling to say goodbye.

5 Questions with Mel Dodge

meldodgeWhat is your favourite swear word?
I like to let out the c-bomb. Followed by a ‘sorry for the c-bomb’ statement.

What are you wearing?
It’s Saturday morning so I’m having a lazy morning in my pyjamas, drinking a good strong coffee.

What is love?
Love comes by surprise. It creeps up on all the Jane Austen characters and I think that’s true in the real world too. It is playful, passionate, loyal and we can’t control the package it arrives in.

What was the last show you saw, and how many stars do you give it?
Beached. 3.5

Is your new show going to be any good?
Jane Austen Is Dead is lots of fun. It’s a contemporary story about searching for love… love that comes in the package of a Jane Austen hero. We’ve played to sold out crowds in Wellington and Adelaide, so Hopefully Sydney will love it too! It’s a great show for bringing a group of girls (although it has enough laughs for gentlemen too!!!) and having a few pre/post show drinks. Read Suzy’s review here

Mel Dodge is writer and star of Jane Austen Is Dead, part of Sydney Fringe 2013.
Show dates: 16 – 23 Sep, 2013
Show venue: New Theatre