Suzy Goes See’s Best Of 2016

Suzy Goes See Best of 2016

I wrote a total of 198 reviews for Suzy Goes See this year. Sydney may not be a city that never sleeps, but our theatre community is certainly a tireless bunch that does a lot with very little, and we have so, so much to be proud of. I adore being a part of this phenomenal group of passionate individuals who share this raison d’etre. Merry Christmas to you, my dear reader, may the New Year bring wondrous gifts in abundance. Best Of 2016, here we go…

Suzy x

 Avant Garde Angels
The bravest and most creative.

 Quirky Questers
The most colourful characters.

♥ Design Doyennes
Outstanding visual design; lights, sets and costumes.

♥ Musical Marvels
Outstanding cabaret and musicals performers.

♥ Best Supporting Actors

♥ Best Ensembles

♥ Best Actors (Comedy)

Best Actors (Drama)

♥ Best New Writing

 Best Directors

♥ Shows Of The Year
The mighty Top 10.



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