Sure Thing (Walking Moose Theatre Co)

surething1Venue: TAP Gallery (Darlinghurst NSW), Sep 11 – 29, 2013
Playwright: David Ives
Director: Raf Nazario
Actors: Steven Corner, Lisa Fletcher

Theatre review
Sure Thing is a very short play, running approximately 15 minutes, but it is marvellous. Certainly, “a quick game is a good game”, but this production also demonstrates that great writing and great performances can provide as much satisfaction as any two hour piece. David Ives’ writing is superb, and the condensation of time in the play creates a structure which ensures that every moment packs punches.

Raf Nazario’s direction shows a thorough engagement with the text. His insistence in working with the most minute of nuances creates a sense of multi-dimensionality that quickly draws the audience in and keeps us involved to the end. Things move quickly, but nothing feels rushed. Humour and cultural references are allowed their flashes of brilliance, and we relish them all.

Lisa Fletcher plays Betty, the straight man in this comedic two-hander. The audience identifies with her authenticity and she provides an anchor to the script’s frenzy. Steve Corner’s performance as Bill is magnificent. He plays a character that manifests in many different forms, with what seems like a hundred faces and voices, all compelling and charming. There is always a sense of joyous play in his work, and also a focus that is intense but never laboured. He plays his jokes on many levels, but whether subtle, obscure or hammy, Corner shows himself to be a rivetingly funny actor… and this little quickie leaves us pleasantly surprised and delightfully sated.…