Suzy Goes See’s Best Of 2017

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After 186 reviews for Suzy Goes See’s 5th year, I still can’t quite wrap my head around the number of shows being staged every evening, all over Sydney. Like this website, many of these theatre productions, attract no significant financial reward to speak of. We do it all for love, and with the understanding that art is a natural, essential part of human existence. We refuse to let money alone decide the things we leave behind, choosing instead to pursue something infinitely more meaningful, and almost always more challenging than we had ever prepared ourselves for. It is an honour to be part of this wonderful landscape, and having the opportunity to help shape it into something better, is truly the most fulfilling vocation. Best Of 2017, a personal selection, and away we go…

Suzy x

 Avant Garde Angels
The bravest and most creative.

 Quirky Questers
The most colourful characters.

♥ Design Doyennes
For sound, lights, sets and costumes.

♥ Musical Marvels
Outstanding performers in musical theatre.

♥ Best Supporting Actors

♥ Best Ensembles

♥ Best Actors (Comedy)

Best Actors (Drama)

♥ Best New Writing

 Best Directors

♥ Shows Of The Year
The mighty Top 10.



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