5 Questions with Tom Campbell and Troy Harrison

Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell

Troy Harrison: It’s not often that all cast members are on-stage every second of a production but such is the case in Savages. How have you found that?
Tom Campbell: With all of us on stage at all times, it meant that we had to bond and connect with each other pretty quickly. Particularly in this play, where there are big sections of poetry and we rely on each other to pick up each others cues, focus as one group and really work together as an ensemble. In saying that, I really don’t enjoy working with any of you, so it’s been tough.

Some actors look for similarities between themselves and the characters they play as a way to connect so are there any between award winning actor Tom Campbell and lying, loser Runt?
Ummmmm…. Well, we’re both liars……and both losers…..so yeah. And they both enjoy a drink.

What character have you never played but would love to?
Bobby in Company, The Baker in Into The Woods or Leo Frank in Parade. A musical please.

If a film was made about your life who would you want to play you and who would really get the part?
I could only hope for Mark Ruffalo, although he was very shouty in Spotlight. Some ladies in a foyer once told me I looked like Ben Affleck but I think they were on acid. Look, ultimately, Barbara Streisand would most probably be cast.

Do you like me?
No. I don’t like you. I’m desperately in love with you.

Troy Harrison

Troy Harrison

Tom Campbell: You worked for Darlinghurst Theatre in their first season in The Motherfucker With The Hat [Suzy’s review here]. Are you looking forward to revisiting the stage at the Eternity?
Troy Harrison: I am. I think the Eternity is one of the most beautiful theatres in Australia and Darlo are a great company to work for. My company, Workhorse Theatre Company was a co producer of Motherfucker, producing and acting in a production is quite an intense experience so it’s nice to be here and be able to focus purely on being an actor.

You worked on cruise ships years ago… tell me how gross they are?
Yep, I had a career as a dancer before I studied acting and I started out on cruise ships when I was 18. As for how gross they are, it depends on what type of gross you’re talking about so I’ll just say what happens in international waters, stays in international waters.

What’s the worst/most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done whilst pissed?
Voted Liberal. I was young and drunk but that’s no excuse. I’m so ashamed.

What do you think of the lock-out laws?
I think it’s a band aid solution to a much bigger problem. The binge drinking culture and the violence that can be a part of it needs to be seriously addressed. But having lockout laws only in a certain area does nothing but shift the problem to other areas. I also don’t think it’s a good look for our state government that the casinos are exempt. Whether it’s true or not it makes it look like money talks. And perception is everything in politics.

How’s preparations for the new ‘arrival’?
I’m guessing that you’re talking about my impending second child and not the extra terrestrials you’re always warning us about… but thanks for my tinfoil hat. Prep is going well. It’s a different experience the second time around. Living with a two year old is as fun as you’d think and gives you very little time to just enjoy the pregnancy like the first. Although watching my little girl cuddle and kiss my wife’s belly saying “cuddles for bubba” is quite possibly the greatest thing ever. I’ve also been rehearsing for Savages six days a week for the past month so my wife has been doing it all. She’s a champion. I’m extremely lucky with the two girls in my life.

Tom Campbell and Troy Harrison can be seen in Darlinghurst Theatre’s Savages by Patricia Cornelius.
Dates: 1 April – 1 May, 2016
Venue: Eternity Playhouse