5 Questions with Cherrie Whalen-David and Caspar Hardaker

Cherrie Whalen-David

Cherrie Whalen-David

Caspar Hardaker: What is the most valuable experience you’ve gained from working on Plaything?
Cherrie Whalen-David: This play is a real workout for the brain. Not only is the play quite wordy, so challenging to learn the dialogue, but there is the abstract element to get my head around as well.

What is your favourite pastime when you have no obligations to anything?
I love spending time with friends and family enjoying delicious food and wine.

Are there such things as aliens in our galaxy?
Not in my world, but perhaps I’ve just been too busy to notice them.

What’s the most awkward experience you’ve had whilst performing?
During The run of The Cherry Orchard (last year at The Depot Theatre) I managed to tip coffee all over myself one evening , luckily my character had a butler to help tidy her up.

Are you a cat or a dog type of person?
We currently have 2 cats whom I love but am secretly hoping to get a white West Highland Terrier one day.

Caspar Hardaker

Caspar Hardaker

Cherrie Whalen-David: Your character in Plaything loves to party. What’s your idea of a great night out?
Caspar Hardaker: My idea of a great night out is actually completely different to my character’s. I actually would prefer having a night in with movies and a glass of red. If I’m planning on having a big one then I guess I would love to be able to buy food and alcohol without spending too much money but that’s somewhat of an inescapable conundrum in my life.

A character in Plaything dies suddenly in mysterious circumstances. What would you choose as your last supper?
As a last supper I would have to go with a superfluous amount of garlic dip, garlic bread, Woodford Margherita pizza, and a lovely glass (or bottle(s)) of Shiraz.

How tall are you Casper?
Last time I checked I was about 6 foot 5, or 6 foot 6. In centimetres I think I’m around 195cm.

If you weren’t an actor what other career would you like to pursue?
I would be pretty open to anything really. I don’t really know what I’d choose straight away but possibly something to do with children or music. Or maybe even both!

What’s your favourite time of the year?
My favourite time of the year is Spring. When the weather starts to change and you can smell the jacarandas and feel summer. Good vibes and festivities are upon the horizon and everything feels like it’s just around the corner. What’s not to love?

Cherrie Whalen-David and Caspar Hardaker can be seen in Plaything by Simon Dodd.
Dates: 30 Mar – 16 Apr, 2016
Venue: The Depot Theatre