5 Questions with Steve Corner

stevecornerWhat is your favourite swear word?
Australia … by Baz Lurham. Don’t believe it’s a swear word? Try saying you liked it in public and see how many people get offended.

Otherwise, ‘fuckshit’. It’s a portmanteau profanity which I think was coined in that superb Giant Crocodile meets Betty White vehicle Lake Placid. Use it like this: ‘You Fuckshit’ or ‘Over here Fuckshit’ or ‘Put her down Fuckshit.’

What are you wearing?
This season Mr. Corner can be seen sporting heart sized sleeves.

What is love?
Yes, Suzy, I can play Jeopardy: all of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen live.

What was the last show you saw, and how many stars do you give it?
Jez Butterworth’s Jerusalem at the New Theatre – supremely well executed. I prefer the star systems observed by Galileo, Newton and Einstein, not Pomeranz, Stratton and Wilkins.

Is your new show going to be any good?
No – it already IS good. To make it even better it only runs for 10 minutes (with an interval of 2 hours). Read Suzy’s review here.

Steve Corner is appearing in Sure Thing, part of Sydney Fringe 2013.
Show dates: 11 – 29 Sep, 2013
Show venue: TAP Gallery