Robots Vs Art (La Mama Theatre)

ImageVenue: La Mama Courthouse (Carlton, VIC), Apr 17 – May 5, 2013
Director/Playwright: Travis Cotton
Actors: Daniel Frederiksen, Simon Maiden, Natasha Jacobs, Paul Goddard

Theatre review
This tale has been told many times before. Man is again at threat of being consumed by its own Frankensteinian monster, but this retelling is still intriguing. While the play’s ideas are not original, they are updated with the hue of current human concerns that make its theme engaging. Its most successful moments revolve around the story’s robotic autocracy attempting to make sense of art and human emotion. Although exaggerated, this portrayal of government comes across convincingly and comically similar to our daily experience of leaders in civilisations today. Less successful, however, is the attempt to end the play with the human race escaping obliteration, which comes across tragically unconvincing.