Dance Of Death (Malthouse Theatre)

Venue: Beckett Theatre at Malthouse (Southbank VIC), Apr 18 – May 19, 2013
Playwright: Friedrich Dürrenmatt, English text by Tom Holloway
Director: Matthew Lutton
Actors: Jacek Koman, Belinda McClory, David Paterson

Theatre review
The players are brilliant. They are charismatic, humorous, agile and precise. From the very start, the audience is eating out of the palm of their hand, keen to see what unfolds. Their depiction of a dysfunctional marriage (to put it mildly) is fascinating and thrilling, but it is a struggle to find more than great entertainment value from this production, which is curious as the play does go into very dark places. Its last third turns more serious, but this is where the show loses focus, and the crowd is left bewildered as to what is being conveyed.

Production values are wonderful. Sound and music, set and props, and lighting all felt flawlessly executed and artfully created. This is a loud and dynamic, yet elegant production, which theatre-goers will enjoy even if its ending fails to match u up to its astounding start.