Review: Bacon And Eggs (Only Children Theatre Co)

baconandeggsVenue: Old Fitzroy Theatre (Woolloomooloo NSW), Sep 29 – Oct 10, 2015
Playwright: Chris Edmund
Director: Chris Edmund
Cast: Ryan Jones, Tom Dent, Adrian Mulraney

Theatre review
Two actors down on their luck spend the night drinking too much, and stumble upon the ghost of Francis Bacon. When artists struggle with their work, it is important to consult those who have come before, for wisdom, experience and history. Time spent on analysis and self reflection is crucial to the artistic process, especially at those frustrating, but necessary, moments of failure. Chris Edmund’s Bacon And Eggs is a thirty-minute meditation on the greats of European theatre, from Beckett to Shakespeare. Like any artist in any discipline, we study subjects considered to be exemplary, finding appropriate material to inspire and define our personal approaches. Bacon was by any measure, a fascinating figure, but this manifestation of his apparition is particularly straightforward. The play is a very simple one, and even though it does not bear ambitious pretences, there is a monotony to its rhythm and themes that can be challenging.

Performances are quirky but insufficiently varied. Ryan Jones and Tom Dent are strong with their small sections of comedy, but they sustain a singular mode of confusion for a long duration of the work, revealing an overly simplistic understanding of their parts. Adrian Mulraney plays a Bacon who is predictably flamboyant, but there are insufficient dramatic shifts in temperament and motivation to justify a full-fledged standalone production. It is doubtless that interesting ideas can be found in Bacon And Eggs, but at this early stage of its development, many more ingredients are required before the recipe can sizzle.