Review: Harry & Liv (Glebe Justice Centre)

harryliv1Venue: Glebe Justice Centre (Glebe NSW), Sep 3 – 6, 2014
Writer: Charlotte Kerr
Cast: Charlotte Kerr, Evan Kerr

Theatre review
Charlotte and Evan Kerr are siblings, and they portray Harry & Liv (also siblings) in this cabaret/musical theatre piece. Harry has been staying over at Liv’s home, causing the place to look a real mess. Harry enjoys being the thorn in his sister’s side, and his constant jibes irritate her as much as the clutter he has unleashed upon her living room. Their sibling rivalry is charming and their banter is entertaining, but the greatest consequence of their squabbles is the music they create around Liv’s exquisite grand piano.

As a work of musical theatre, Charlotte Kerr’s script is delightfully witty, but it would benefit from a narrative that develops more substantially. As a cabaret act, the duo is eminently likeable with very accomplished musical abilities. Charlotte Kerr’s confident and emotive voice has excellent range that sings with humour and beautiful sensitivity. Evan Kerr is a dynamic pianist who keeps the show lively and animated. Song choices can be a little obscure for those of us who are not connoisseurs of the genre, but they are delivered brilliantly, and we cannot help but be impressed by the artists’ thorough familiarity with the material.

It is the simplest of shows, but Harry & Liv is thoroughly enjoyable. The set is economically but effectively arranged and intimately lit, creating a comfortable homely feeling so that the audience is at ease and involved. Indeed, the Kerrs’ hospitality is warm and their company is wondrous. Their talent is the kind that cannot be adequately represented by recorded media, you really do have to be there.