Apples And Pears (Barestage Theatre)

applespears1Venue: Old 505 Theatre (Surry Hills NSW), Nov 6 – 24, 2013
Playwright: Sean O’Riordan
Directors: Sean O’Riordan, Deborah Jones
Actors: Sean O’Riordan, Deborah Jones, Geoff Sirmai, Eleanor Ryan
Image by Ahron Eisman

Theatre review
The show opens with a fascinating monologue, featuring lead character Max in his extraordinarily dilapidated home (set design is very successful). Sean O’Riordan’s writing immediately impresses with wit, colour and suspense. The play has a simple premise, but its characters are full of vigour and intrigue.

Geoff Sirmai is perfectly cast as Max. He performs the script’s broad comedy style with flair and conviction, and creates a character that is complex yet relatable. In addition to writing and directing the play, O’Riordan appears admirably in the second half as the villain, but does not generate as much menace and cruelty as the story requires. Deborah Jones is co-director, but proves herself to also be a delightfully vibrant actor. She brings a great deal of energetic flamboyance to the show, and the bawdy quality of her performance is outstanding in her opening scenes.

This is an enjoyable show with a plot filled with playful farce and dark humour. Jones and O’Riordan put the emphasis of their direction squarely on entertainment value, which ensures Apples And Pears to be a real crowd-pleaser.