5 Questions with Tony Barea and Casey Richards

Tony Barea

Casey Richards: What excites you most about being a part of this production?
Tony Barea: The opportunity to demonstrate how I have grown as an actor over the last three years since joining The Actors Pulse is very exciting. To be able to stand in front of an audience and tell a story through the eyes of such a rich character – one that has been played by the likes of Al Pacino – is a challenge that I feel I’m more than up for, and only adds to the excitement. And some nerves too!

What has brought you to the theatre?
A love of storytelling which until recent years was confined to my other passion, writing. It was in fact a case of writer’s block which led me to explore other avenues of creativity and manifested with actor classes and a newfound love for the theatre.

Favourite line in the play?
My favourite line would have to be “You stupid fucking c…..t” No line in the play demonstrates more clearly the world that these characters live in. The vulgarity and the depths to which they will sink to in order to make a sale, and the reaction when things don’t go to plan. So much is revealed about Roma’s world from this line and the ensuing monologue. I’m really looking forward to bringing my own flavour to it.

Fun fact about you?
I ran petrol stations for 10 years prior to taking up acting. Who would have thought?

What excites you about the staging of this play?
The staging of the first act in the bar next door, the gender swap of some of the characters, the fact that it is the first time on the stage for some of us, all add to the excitement of staging this play. And of course not to mention that we are all fellow students at The Actors Pulse

Casey Richards

Tony Barea: What do you like most about playing your character?
Casey Richards: It would have to be the challenge of receiving all my moments. With a smaller speaking role I have to make sure that my behaviour is on point and that I am constantly in the moment both giving and receiving.

What do you approach first when you pick up a script?
What is my character’s purpose? Why does he even exist? It’s an exciting journey of discovery. One which then involves sharing those discoveries.

If you could work with any actor in the world who would it be?
Robin Williams or Heath Ledger. Both had amazing talent that they were able to share with the world. Whilst I won’t be able to work with either, growing up with them as an influence on me is a source of deep inspiration, which I hope to one day emulate.

What made you want to do acting?
Originally it was just for fun. I love watching behind-the-scenes cuts from movies and it just struck me that it looked like a heap of fun. I have since discovered that the art of storytelling and connecting to people is what I enjoy most.

Does the character that you play bare any similarities to you?
It does. Initially it was a little difficult as my character is much older than me, but as I have dug deeper I have continued to find parts of myself that are in alignment with the character. I feel that I will continue to discover more with each rehearsal leading up to the performances and I’m looking forward to that.

Tony Barea and Casey Richards can be seen in Glengarry Glen Ross, by David Mamet.
Dates: 23 February – 3 March, 2018
Venue: The Actors Pulse