5 Questions with Toby Blome and Contessa Treffone

Toby Blome

Contessa Treffone: Toby Blome, like the chemist, can you describe There Will Be A Climax, with a verb, an adjective and a noun?
Toby Blome: Spin. Round. Baby.

Which do you think came first, the deadly sin or the sloth?
Obviously ‘sloth’ is just fake news created by a bunch of men hundreds of years after the real deadly sins died. Just a political ploy. I don’t believe in any of it. Fake news.

What makes you climax, Toby?
Remembering that statistically at least once every day someone somewhere in the world discovers how hard Mondays can be!

As your idol, what would you say inspires you most about me?
Haha where to begin! How about how you constantly belittle me and everyone else in the cast and that time you swore that I’d never amount to anything and that everyone who loved me was just too guilty to leave.

Toby, you are a tall man. Chicken or beef?

Contessa Treffone

Toby Blome: Contessa Treffone. That’s an interesting name. What has been your relationship with such an interesting name throughout your life?
Contessa Treffone: It’s a hard weight to carry… greatness. You give a child a name like that and they have to be something. Ordinariness was never an option. That’s a lot of pressure that people don’t understand. It’s been hard, Toby. Real hard.

After the show’s first season as part of the 2016 NIDA Director and Designer’s Season you were quoted as yelling “you’re all scum” to the cast at the after party. What brought you back to do the show a second time at the Old Fitz?
Three things Toby.
1. Money. All the money.
2. The promise of more fame. If that’s even possible.
3. A dolphin.

Were you at all surprised by what you created during the devising process?

Contessa, if anyone knows anything about you it’s that you love kale! Fave kale recipe?
I like my kale like I like my men. Raw and quiet.

Were you satisfied with my questions today? If not, any constructive feedback?
4/10. I don’t think this audience knows anything about our show and they clearly don’t know enough about me. Fail on both fronts, Toby.

Toby Blome and Contessa Treffone can be seen in There Will Be A Climax by Alexander Berlage.
Dates: 9 Jan – 3 Feb, 2018
Venue: Old Fitz Theatre