5 Questions with Matilda Ridgway and Eloise Snape

Matilda Ridgway

Matilda Ridgway

Eloise Snape: If you could compare your character in The Bitter Tears Of Petra Von Kant, Marlene, to other wonderful women, fictional or non fictional, who would they be?
Matilda Ridgway: Mary Gaitskill’s characters in Bad Behaviour, Lee Holloway from Secretary, O from The Story of O, Lucia Atherton from The Night Porter.

Whats the most challenging thing about this play for you?
Not speaking is challenging. Subservience is challenging. Understanding Marlene’s relationship to these choices. How it affects her and her relationship.

If you had to be locked in a small confined space for 24 hours with one of the characters in the play (apart from Petra), who would you choose and why?
There is nobody apart from Petra.

Hypothetical. Would you rather have twigs for fingers or cheese toes? A hard cheese like a pecorino.
Hard cheese toes rather than twig fingers. I need my fingers for touching fruits and jellies and pink bits and babies. Twigs would pierce these soft things or break off into a million things.

If you bumped into Donald Trump and his hair in the street, what would you say to him? In one sentence only.
You’re fired!

Eloise Snape

Eloise Snape

Matilda Ridgway: Hypothetical: would you rather have feet made of cottage cheese or have super magnetic hands?
Eloise Snape: Definitely super magnetic hands. Imagine all the stuff you could steal.

Can you tell people about when we first met?
Tilly and I met in high school at SCEGGS Darlinghurst. We did a production of Secret Bridesmaids Business together with a bunch of legends. Then I watched her in all the plays at Sydney Grammar and got super jealous.

Please play fuck, marry, kill with our cast and crew who do you choose and why?
Ok – entering dangerous territory. Can I pick the same person for all three? I say Alistair Wallace because I’ve known him for years and I don’t think he would bat an eyelid if I fucked him, married him and then killed him.

What is one thing you admire about your character Sidonie and one thing that makes you feel uncomfortable?
Sidonie is proud, intelligent, sticks to her guns and wears fluffy things. That’s cool. But her entire value system and approach to life makes me totally uncomfortable. And wearing high heels all the time is pushing the comfort zone.

If you could be one character in the play who would you be in real life?
Oooh defs Gaby I reckon. I wouldn’t mind being 14 again and figuring all that stuff out. Also she’s a designer’s daughter – there are major pros to that. Also cons but you have to see the play to know what they are.

Matilda Ridgway and Eloise Snape are appearing in The Bitter Tears Of Petra Von Kant by Rainer Werner Fassbinder.
Dates: 11 October – 12 November, 2016
Venue: Old Fitz Theatre