5 Questions with Bree Langridge and Lachlan Martin

Bree Langridge

Bree Langridge

Lachlan Martin: In Side Show, you play the Tattooed Lady. Do you have any tattoos?
Bree Langridge: I have three; a spider on my ankle, a lotus on my wrist and Aboriginal symbols on my ribs. I love tattoos. If I weren’t a performer I would get a full sleeve.

What is your dream role?
Sally Bowles from Cabaret. (Lachlan: Funny – my dream role is the Emcee from Cabaret.)

Have you worked at the Hayes before?
I performed my cabaret/tribute show called Little Diana based on the life of Diana Ross.

You’ve performed in some of Australia’s biggest theatres. How are you feeling about putting this reasonably large musical in such an intimate space like The Hayes?
I’m quite petite so I’ll fit nicely in the Hayes. But it will be a challenge especially because we are playing with the idea of dancing on silks hung from the ceiling. Exciting nonetheless.

Do you have any funny moments that have happened from previous productions?
I’ve just finished touring Cats as an onstage swing and the first time I performed the role of Rumpleteaser, (usually Cockney) I jumped past my light, over energised my voice and sounded Celtic. The rest of the show was banging though.

Lachlan Martin

Lachlan Martin

Bree Langridge: You play the Lizard Man in the freak show. How do you relate to lizards?
They are long and skinny – me down to a tee!

What are you enjoying about the process of creating the world of the freak show?
Well, I have never worked with any of the cast so getting to know them is fun. What we are doing is sometimes silly and very physical; we are throwing ourselves into it, which is allowing all sorts of creativity. The freaks are essentially a family and even after day 4 I can see us as actors becoming a family. And they are all super talents!

If you could have anyone over for dinner, dead or alive, who would it be?
James Dean. I can’t cook though so we would go out to a fancy restaurant and he would pay. Ha!

In Side Show you play not only the Lizard Man but a variety of other small roles. As an actor how do you differentiate between them?
We are still working through that process but as I’m a very physical person I use several different postural choices, vocal shifts and accents. The story travels during the show allowing us to access all sorts of worldly characters.

What attracted you to working in theatre?
As a child I would run around the house like a show queen! I grew up in Glenelg, Adelaide and mum took me to lots of theatre. From a very young age I knew I wanted to perform however it may happen – singer, dancer, actor, lizard!

Bree Langridge and Lachlan Martin can both be seen in Side Show the musical.
Dates: 23 September – 16 October, 2016
Venue: Hayes Theatre