5 Questions with Jordan Cowan and Tim Franklin

Jordan Cowan

Jordan Cowan

Tim Franklin: What about Tender Napalm drew you in?
Jordan Cowan:The way in which Phillip uses language is so powerful and beautiful. There is something about the way he uses heightened language in such a domestic way that took me by surprise. It’s really fucking honest and intimate and doesn’t shy away from the hard stuff and I really dig that.

How do you find the Sydney theatre scene compared to your home town Radelaide?
I love the Sydney theatre scene, it is a lot more diverse and there seems to be a lot more companies just doing what they do best and finding an audience for that. I love Adelaide don’t get me wrong but there simply isn’t as many people so it’s hard for indie companies to get off the ground.

How are you feeling about performing in such an intimate space like the Old Fitz?
I love the Fitz, there is something so magical about the space it is simple and honest and won’t hold anything but the truth and I love that. It’s the perfect space for the show and I’m excited to just be able to talk to people and tell this beautiful story. That’s what theatre is all about right?

What is your favourite line in the play?
Ahhh there are so many but I think, “My cry of grief was so loud it created a black hole in the universe” is pretty beautiful.

What was it like working with the amazing Tim Franklin?
I would like to say how much of a loser he is BUT he is one of the most generous actors I have ever worked with and I couldn’t imagine doing the show with anyone else. He is as honest as they get. Oh, and a total goob.

Tim Franklin

Tim Franklin

Jordan Cowan: What do you love most about Tender Napalm?
Tim Franklin: At the moment I’m having a serious love affair with the poetic nature of Phillip Ridley’s writing. The play has such a dark subtext but the chinks of light that break through are blindingly beautiful.

What has been the most challenging part of the rehearsal process?
I hate to say it but it’s the answer to the age old, “how did you learn all those lines?” I usually say something like “its how you do anything, you do it again and again until you get it” but fuck me there are a lot of lines! My brain is leaking.

What do you think the audiences will love about the show?
I think the audiences will love the fantastical imaginary world that we will create in this extremely intimate space. Hopefully they will like the way we say the words and how our face moves too.

What is your favourite line in the play?
That’s a hostile question. I can’t choose, I wont choose, I refuse to choose. So I’m going to pick three.

“Oh her eyes! Its like gazing into a universe, I see stars and dinosaurs and whales and skeletons and spaceships.” Yummy

“I remember… at one point, as we were struggling with him on the bed, dad’s eyes sort of locked with mine and it was like… like gazing into a million years of stuff.” Ahhhh that one makes my heart hurt.

And last but not least

“your cunt…. Its such a precocious thing”


Three words that best describe the show?
Fantastical. Poetic. Tragic.

Jordan Cowan and Tim Franklin can be seen in Tender Napalm by Phillip Ridley.
Dates: 19 – 30 January, 2016
Venue: Old Fitz Theatre