5 Questions with Rowan Davie and Stacey Duckworth

Stacey Duckworth

Stacey Duckworth

Rowan Davie: So this play I’ve written, that I’ve cast you in, is it like, Tennessee-Williams-good? Basically, is it in your top 5?
Stacey Duckworth: Oh. Yeah. Goes without saying! For suresies. Its probably not fair, though, to compare it to all the other plays… Outside that though, its a hard list to compile, although it seems to have come down to roles I’d love to perform, or plays that hold particular poignancy from my life. Hedda Gabler, Macbeth, The Importance of Being Earnest, Undermilk Wood, Once – technically a musical, but I saw it in NYC, a life changing trip and truly inspiring performances.

Two parter: You play a film producer, Moët. a) What does Moët do on a quiet Wednesday night once she’s left the studio? b) What/who is her spirit animal?
a) its straight into silk pyjamas, a lean cuisine, a glass of chardonnay and The Bachelor on catch up. b) hummingbird. She’s in constant motion, high pitched, delicate and loves flowers.

Stacey, you played Ophelia to my Hamlet all last year and your singing stole the show. Are you planning to steal Infinity Taster as well? And what acting techniques will you use to go about that?
Well, there’s nothing you can do about talent, but I have taken a leaf out of Paul’s book and slipped a few re-writes into the script. You’ll have to wait til opening night to see the whole spectacular but theres a strong chance of glitter and snap pants.

When it’s all done and dusted, what does the Stacey Duckworth tombstone read?
But wonder on, till truth make all things plain.

Why, seriously, why bother coming to this show?
It’s fun, it’s silly, it’s short, and you can drink in the theatre.

Rowan Davie

Rowan Davie

You wrote a play and cast a bunch of your friends in it. So whats the best (and worst) thing about working with your friends?
Drinking during rehearsals and drinking during rehearsals. Also they’re really really uncritical of the play.

Where do you draw inspiration from as a writer, and how, or is, that different from as an actor?
For me, they both come from the same place – sharing intimacy with other people. I love writers and actors. I’m so impressed whenever anyone writes anything and puts it out there. I’m reading Ka by Roberto Calasso about Hindu mythology. The play on before us at The Fitz, Annie Baker’s The Aliens totally had me going, “wow, I love how simple this is, and the silences and the kinds of characters.” But going off Infinity Taster, it looks like I’ve been inspired by The Simpsons and Saving Private Ryan. Or at least Matt Damon.

In Infinity Taster, your character Paul, is trapped inside his own movie. Have you ever similarly been or felt trapped?
Never. But metaphorically, yes, very perceptive Stace. I guess Paul, being trapped as a dead body in a war movie, is pointing to the feeling of being trapped in your own mind, by your own ego, where concepts and thoughts rule (and are at war with each other) and you are unable to escape into the present moment. And I go through that.

Who plays you in the movie, “Rowan Davie, my shambles of a life” ?
Can it please be Gareth Davies? That man should do everyone’s biopic.

What’s your most important/meaningful/memorable theatre experience?
Hmm.. I’m gonna say Ariane Mnouchkine’s Le Dernier Caravanserail at a Melbourne Fest in ’05. I think it was a 6 hour show in 2 parts. They pulled off the ‘moving sea out of bed sheets thing’ but with 40 actors and twenty metre high waves, while refugees were trying to make it across ropes from one boat to another. It was utterly tragic and completely inspirational. If Infinity Taster was 1/1000th as good, job done.

Rowan Davie and Stacey Duckworth will be appearing in Infinity Taster, by Rowan Davie.
Dates: 15 – 19 September, 2015
Venue: Old Fitz Theatre