5 Questions with Katy Curtain and David Woodland

Katy Curtain

Katy Curtain

David Woodland: If you were to kill someone, how would you do it?
Katy Curtain: I’m not sure, but I know how I’d get rid of the body? If you’ve seen Breaking Bad, you can probably guess where my head’s at…

What was the last show you wished you were in?
I remember having really strong performance envy when I saw La Soiree a while back. It just looked like constant joy. But if I were in it, I wouldn’t be able to watch it, so win win.

If you had to make everyone read one book, what would it be?
Lying by Sam Harris, because it’s a life changer that could improve human behaviour en masse, and it’s conveniently teeny tiny! It fully fleshes out how white lies are most destructive to the person telling them. The way it explores thoughts and behaviour is fascinating.

What fictional television world would you like to spend a week in?
The Sopranos! That part of the world has always captivated me! And a week would be the perfect amount of time to eat my weight in Italian-American food, revel in the accent and indulge in the novelty of gang life before actually having to prove my loyalty.

When you were a child, what did you want to be?
Pat Rafter’s pregnant wife. I saw her on TV all the time when he was playing. She was filmed crying in the crowd one of the times he won the US Open, and I can’t remember if she was pregnant or if I just thought it would be a cooler story if she was. Anyway, I shoved a basketball up my top, made myself cry and walked around like her for a day. I was 7, so I can probably count it as my first acting credit.

David Woodland

David Woodland

Katy Curtain: What’s the best theatre experience you’ve had in Sydney?
David Woodland: As a performer or audience member? Working with Brevity as a performer is definitely up there with the best. The experience of Wittenberg was something that I was extremely proud to be a part of. It challenged me as a performer, and was just a killer script. As an audience member…this is a hard question…I see more indie theatre over main stage, and many experiences stick out in both. But I will say that at the moment there has been a lot of great independent works going on all over Sydney. I can’t pick an overall best, but Phaedra (Lies, Lies and Propaganda) blew my mind.

What would you do with 8 million dollars?
Probably put it with the other eight and not tell anyone… oh shit!

Who is your hero?
I have many influences. In every part of my life, I am influenced by certain people to a degree but ultimately, we are in this alone. So at the risk of sounding conceited, I think that you have to be your own hero. I think that you have to believe and trust that you can be whatever you want to be. That you do not need to rely on anyone to bring you success and happiness but yourself. This is not to say that you don’t need help along the way, but the buck stops with you. This is your game.

Or I could just say Han Solo.

What was your most unrealistic childhood expectation?
That if I held the LP of The Best Of ABBA on a certain angle, I might be able to see up Agnetha’s dress.

What is the most visited website in your browser history (excluding day to day Google, Facebook, email and banking)?
Probably dictionary.com. I didn’t do very well at school. The answer to the previous question and the fact that I asked my year eleven English teacher if there was a country called Latin (not my finest hour) may possibly be a reason for this?

Katy Curtain and David Woodland will be appearing in Being Norwegian by David Greig.
Dates: 9 – 21 June, 2015
Venue: The Old Fitz Theatre