5 Questions with Janine Watson

janinewatsonWhat is your favourite swear word?
I don’t use swear words. I use swear sentences, so that would be “BLEEPS BLEEPING sake BLEEP BLURP my BLEEEPIING case BLEEPING BLEEEEEEPP of a BLEEPED up BLEEPING smelly BLEEP covered BLEEP RAG.”

What are you wearing?
A lovely biscuit coloured tan. That’s a lie – I’m as pale as death. I’m wearing navy trackies and a striped french-boulevard style t-shirt… so lock up your sons and daughters.

What is love?
A ride to or from the airport. From anyone. Anyone who offers that is the embodiment of love. Except taxi drivers because as we all know if you have to pay for it it ain’t love, now is it?!

What was the last show you saw, and how many stars do you give it?
Riverrun at STC. It was a torrent of gorgeousness. Olwen Fouéré – her very name speaks to the lyricism of this work. Words she was born to speak.

Is your new show going to be any good?
What show? Pretty sure I’m just meeting Kate at the pub every night for two weeks for a natter. So people are very welcome to come along and eavesdrop. Truthfully though, Dolores will be rad. It’s a rare joy to work on. I haven’t been this excited to perform a show since I cast myself as the Jodie Foster character in my self-penned stage adaptation of The Accused for the 1993 Deloraine Drama Festival Secondary School division in Tasmania garnering the Best Actress award.

PS We are also speaking in accents.

PPS Kate Box is the cat’s pyjamas!!!

Janine Watson is appearing in Dolores by Edward Allan Baker.
Show dates: 28 Apr – 9 May, 2015
Show venue: The Old Fitzroy Hotel

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