5 Questions with Shane Bosher

shanebosherWhat is your favourite swear word?
There are three that regularly vie for #1 spot: bullcrap, fuckpuppet and cunting. All almost unspeakable.

What are you wearing?
I go for a simple look: black t, classic blue jeans, black Nike trainers. Consider it my contemporary take on the classic 1970s director garb: black skivvy, leather jacket, cigarette.

What is love?
Love is a wonderful predicament which has been destroying and enriching people’s lives since forever. It’s simplicity, it’s courage, it’s vulnerability, it’s difficulty, it’s joy – it is all of the things. Without it, stories would be rubbish and I’d be out of a job.

What was the last show you saw, and how many stars do you give it?
A touring version of The Sound Of Music in New Zealand. I left after the Mother Superior had climbed every mountain. A gruelling trip up into the Alps with wobbly vibrato and wobblier sets. 2 stars. Am seeing Tabac Rouge tomorrow, so am holding out all hope for that to restore the faith.

Is your new show going to be any good?
It’s a whole lot of crash bang love. Great play, top notch cast, stellar production team and the Old Fitz as you’ve never seen it before. I reckon so.

Shane Bosher is directing Cock by Mike Bartlett.
Show dates: 3 Feb – 6 Mar, 2015
Show venue: The Old Fitzroy Hotel