Review: Noise Complaint (The Imperial Hotel)

sarahgaul1Venue: The Imperial Hotel (Erskineville NSW), Sep 9 – 14, 2014
Playwright: Sarah Gaul
Director: Sarah Gaul
Cast: Sarah Gaul

Theatre review
Sarah Gaul writes clever songs, and sings with charming bravado. She talks about things she knows, and reveals the concerns of young adults in Australia. Her themes tend to be more whimsical than sobering, but it is on occasions when she touches briefly on more intimate and sadder disclosures that she shines.

Her original material is strong, more memorable songs include Bad, A.V.O., Streetlights and Homesick. The irony Gaul introduces into her song writing does not always translate with enough edge, but the melancholic quality to her world view is endearing. She does renditions of popular tunes by Leonard Cohen and Iggy Azalea, which showcases her impressive keyboard skills and accomplished use of voice. Her connection with the audience however, requires further development. She seems to shy away from eye contact, choosing to be watched instead of finding a way to engage more closely within the relaxed and cozy setting.

It is encouraging to see a young woman taking on the reins to create a career for herself. Like every independent and courageous artist working against the tides of an increasingly capitalistic economy, Gaul should be admired for making her own dreams come true. Time is on her side, and it is with enthusiasm that one looks forward to new songs and new manifestations from a talent full of ambition and promise.