5 Questions with Nath Valvo

rsz_boy_next_door_croppedWhat is your favourite swear word?
Tony Abbott.

What are you wearing?
Gym shorts and a singlet. I put these on at 10 AM to go to the Gym. It’s now 3.40 PM and I still haven’t been. It’s raining outside. I could slip. And die. Best I stay in. (Plus when my housemates get home it looks like I’ve been to the gym which is just as important as going)

What is love?
Hanson. Goosebumps Books. My round-the-twist VHS tapes. Tazos. Elderly people swearing.
Coffee. When your vegan friend cancels your dinner date.

What was the last show you saw, and how many stars do you give it?
The last show I saw was about 15 minutes ago and it was Huey’s Cooking Adventures. That man’s fingers look like swollen penises. I’m a tad shaken up. 1 star.

Is your new show going to be any good?
You sound like my disapproving dad at christmas lunch! (This is the same dad who when he comes to my shows counts the number of seats sold times the ticket prices and texts me the box office numbers on his way home) ANYWAY! I love my new show! I talk about the 90’s and Tinder and underwear parties and sex and first dates and vegans and horror stories from flatmate finder. It’s super fun!

Nath Valvo’s show Boy Next Door is part of Sydney Comedy Festival 2014.
Show dates: 14 – 17 May, 2014
Show venue: The Enmore Theatre