5 Questions with James Scott

rsz_26522282_origWhat is your favourite swear word?
I’m rather partial to ‘bugger’. It’s plosive enough to vent, but doesn’t upset my mother too much.

What are you wearing?
Two dollar jeans from the Salvos. And socks.

What is love?
I think Love is about you, not about me. It is often confused with passion. Love can’t be neatly summarised in a short answer, so for a full definition I recommend you come and see Lies, Love and Hitler.

What was the last show you saw, and how many stars do you give it?
I am totally opposed to the notion of giving stars. It implies that I sit in judgement and that I think you should listen to my opinion. I don’t want that kind of responsibility.

Is your new show going to be any good?
Absolutely. Five stars. What are you waiting for?

James Scott is appearing in Lies, Love and Hitler, with Canberra Academy of Dramatic Art.
Show dates: 15 Apr – 3 May, 2014
Show venue: The Old Fitzroy Hotel