5 Questions with Cat Martin

catherinemartinWhat is your favourite swear word?
‘Bollocks’. Also, ‘balls’! (Thanks, Alan Ayckbourn). Say them. They’re fun, if only mildly offensive… but ‘fuck’ is satisfying too, and is usually the first word to escape my mouth when the wheels fall off. I like that it’s not gender-specific.

What are you wearing?
Black singlet top, lurid pink bra, cheap skirt from Rivers that I love for its hectic floral pattern and light-weight material. No shoes, as I’m embracing the early Autumn mellowness, and I enjoy the feeling of childlike freedom. A necklace that says ‘LOVE’ (or ‘EVOL’ if I put it on the wrong way).

What is love?
Uplifting. Inspiring. Heart-breaking. Humbling. Generous. Necessary. Beautiful. In a relationship, love is a choice that you make. And keep making. If you can. It’s been interesting, and essential, to explore and compare what love means to each of us as we rehearse Construction Of The Human Heart. I predict that we are all going to need a stiff drink after a few rehearsals, as we make ourselves vulnerable and share our experiences and stories of ‘love’ with each other…

What was the last show you saw, and how many stars do you give it?
On The Shore Of The Wide World at the Stables (Griffin). 4.5/5 stars. Awesome script, elegant and restrained direction, and beautiful acting. Bawled through the last half hour.

Is your new show going to be any good?
Yes. That is our intention and our passion. It’s an amazing play. But the audience will decide.

Cat Martin is appearing in Construction Of The Human Heart, with Apocalypse Theatre Company.
Show dates: 16 Apr – 3 May, 2014
Show venue: TAP Gallery