5 Questions with Matilda Ridgway

matildaridgwayWhat is your favourite swear word?
Cunt burger. It’s evocative.

What are you wearing?
Right now a white regency dress. It’s interval in Sport for Jove’s production of Much Ado About Nothing. I am sweating through.

What is love?
Merely a madness.

What was the last show you saw, and how many stars do you give it?
I saw Phil Spencer’s You And Whose Army at the Newsagency in Marrickville. I give it 5 stars. You are welcome Phil.

Is your new show going to be any good?
Good is an understatement. This play is going to buy the audience dinner and call you in the morning.

Matilda Ridgway is starring in Proof.
Show dates: 31 Jan – 8 Mar, 2014
Show venue: Ensemble Theatre