5 Questions with Richard House

richardhouseWhat is your favourite swear word?
Just in case my mum reads this I’d better not be too creative when choosing my favourite swear word. I’m a big fan of South Park and Butters (one of the characters from the show) has a great expression in times of frustration. “SON OF A BISCUIT”.

What are you wearing?
I’m in-between rehearsals at the moment so currently I’m in sweaty tights, a sweaty bandana, sweaty ballet shoes and a sweaty t-shirt with Rafael Nadal on it.

What is love?
Love is a large Big Mac meal from McDonald’s. Ha! It’s also an enticing emotion that once you experience the completeness it brings, you’re always craving for more.

What was the last show you saw, and how many stars do you give it?
Well I haven’t seen a show in quite a while due to being incredibly busy, but I am seeing Beyonce perform this week and I can only assume she will rock my world and it will be a 100 stars out of 100 stars show!

Is your new show going to be any good?
Well it premieres on the 31st of October which is also my birthday and I have never heard of anything less than awesome happening on that date!

Richard House is starring in Bodytorque.Technique, with The Australian Ballet.
Show dates: 31 Oct – 3 Nov, 2013
Show venue: Sydney Theatre at Walsh Bay