5 Questions with Adriano Cianfarani

adrianocianfaraniWhat is your favourite swear word?
Fuck. It is short and direct.

What are you wearing?
I would love to say I was in a dashing Armani suite, with 24k gold-dipped cufflinks, but my wallet is laughing at me right now. I’m actually wearing lovably worn slacks and a t-shirt. I call it understated, but with attitude.

What is love?
The title of a song by Haddaway.

What was the last show you saw, and how many stars do you give it?
I actually haven’t seen any shows for a while, I’m ashamed to admit.

Is your new show going to be any good?
Come see and find out.

Adriano Cianfarani is starring in Family Voices, by Harold Pinter.
Show dates: 2 – 6 Oct, 2013
Show venue: University of Notre Dame Theatre Space