In Between Days (King Street Theatre)

inbetweendays1Venue: King Street Theatre (Newtown NSW), Sep 21 & 28, 2013
Playwright: Leanne Mangan
Musical Director: Cassady Maddox
Actors: Leanne Mangan, Cassady Maddox, Josh Shipton

Theatre review
In Between Days is an example of the kinds of alternative voices that can appear in the Sydney Fringe Festival. The stage opens with a poster of The Cure’s Robert Smith dominating its backdrop, and he stays in position overlooking proceedings in this musical. 2 women share a home and a penchant for the goth aesthetic. They do not explicitly discuss the nature of the subculture of which they belong, but it is inscribed upon their being, and also in the music selection of this production.

The women’s singing are the absolute highlight of the show. Their voices are pleasant and occasional harmonies are always tight and beautiful. Accompaniment is simple, usually only with an acoustic guitar, but the arrangements are perfect for the small venue. Song choices are appropriate for the story, and all tend to be very melodic, which ensures immediate appeal.

Stand-out performance of the production belongs to Josh Shipton, who displays more experience than the other players. His character Johnno delivers the laughs, and endears himself quickly to the audience. The writing does not give any of the actors much to work with, but Shipton is able to turn his moments into brief instances of magic.…