5 Questions with Tade` Adepoyibi

tadeWhat is your favourite swear word?
The ‘f’ word. It just works every time.

What are you wearing?
Dark blue denim skinny jeans (bespoke as my legs don’t fit into normal sized ones), a long blue singlet, a blue top over that, and a light pink scarf. And blue earrings (from the kids section) and black ankle boots. Feeling blue, but not in a bad way.

What is love?
Beats me…..Kidding. As a standalone concept I think it is caring about another human being, genuinely caring for that person’s physical, psychosocial and emotional welfare. Between two people I think it’s when you would do anything for a person, feelings that are unconditional and another person’s so called flaws do not change your feelings for them in any way. Oh and it has to reciprocated. And then there is loving yourself which is very important, accepting and celebrating yourself including your flaws, so others can do the same. Love those deep questions!

What was the last show you saw, and how many stars do you give it?
I saw Angels in America Part 1 and 2 at the Theatre Royal. Gave it a 10 out of 5. A brilliant piece.

Is your new show going to be any good?
I think it’s going to be great. There is such a diverse cast and we are all committed to putting on a good show and telling the story of this incredible man Swami Vivekananda – someone with a legacy so potent we are celebrating his life and all he has done 150 years later. I think its the first show of its kind ever to be put on in Sydney. Its not to be missed that’s for sure! Can’t wait!

Tade` Adepoyibi is featured in Oneness – Voice Without Form.
Show dates: 17 – 18 Sep, 2013
Show venue: Sydney Opera House