The Twins Pantalone (Fools In Progress Inc)

Venue: King Street Theatre (Newtown NSW), Jun 27-29, 2013
Actors: Guillaume Barrière, Bianca Bonino, Nicholas O’Regan, Ben-Jamin Newham, Fabiola Pellegrino

Theatre review
This production with its classic plot and archetypal characters is a delightful introduction into the world of Commedia dell’Arte. Technical issues with lighting and sound plagued the opening night performance, but did not prevent the show from being consistently comical and funny. The cast of five showcases the silliest of comedies, with the most serious of dedication and skill.

Moments of contemporary references and frequent use of modern language is refreshing, making its humour more immediate and accessible. Nicholas O’Regan is a stand-out performer, with his energy and agility, as well as a keen sense of timing. His use of facial expressions is impressive, considering the masks cover most of the players’ faces. O’Regan, along with Barrière worked with sexual innuendo effectively, and can be very hilarious depending on your personal tastes and capacity for off-colour humour.