Richard III (Or Almost) (EMU Productions)

King Street TheatreVenue: King Street Theatre (Newtown NSW), May 1 – Jun 1, 2013
Playwright: Timothy Daly
Director: Markus Weber
Actors: Gerry Sont, Lucas Connolly

Theatre review
This production relies heavily on the playwright’s words. Daly’s text is both challenging and clever, weaving together simultaneous layers of conflicting realities through just two players. They go through subtly transforming spaces and characters, while presenting what seems to be a static setting. One might argue that this creates a monotonous two hours, but the integrity of that claustrophobic cell-like environment is preserved.

This work’s post-modernist acknowledgement of audience is exciting. There is a thrilling and slightly sadistic enjoyment in its implication that the two men on-stage are being kept captive and slowly driven insane by the audience itself. Questions about the relationship between artists and society are thoughtfully considered through many beautiful, albeit sometimes cruel, analogies. Plays contemplating the nature of art in modern capitalistic societies and actors discussing acting can be tedious, but within the context of this story, the themes are refreshing and thought-provoking.