5 Questions with Gavin Roach

Gavin Roach

Gavin Roach

Gavin Roach: Hi Gavin, thanks for joining me today. Right, I’m going to jump straight in, what is The Measure Of A Man?
Gavin Roach: Um ok well, The Measure Of A Man is my latest one man show. It is the second instalment of the Anxiety Trilogy and it deals with my own fears and insecurities as I plunge deep into the heart of my own sexual anxieties and dare to ask , “If you’re a gay man who can’t have sex, what worth do you have?”

Hmmm deep. So audiences can expect a draining 50 minutes of exhausting, over emotional acting?
Eh no, I’m funny too. I mean the show is funny. It has a lot of light moments too. I think it’s a healthy mix of light and shade and really takes the audience through some pretty personal experiences that are both funny and tragic.

Right, right, I see. So you are performing at the New Theatre in Newtown and, if I am right, you debuted your very first one man show, Confessions Of A Grindr Addict there in 2011. Are you excited to be coming home, so to speak.
I am super excited to be performing at the New Theatre again. It’s been five years since I stepped onto that stage and three years since I performed in Sydney, so I am really excited to see some new and friendly faces looking back at me.

Oh so you’re an attention whore then, cute. So, is there anything you are looking forward to doing while you are in Sydney?
Well besides the show, I’m really looking forward to seeing how the city has changed while I have been away. Sydney is one of those cities that feels like it is a constant state of change, which I find really interesting. But I think what I am mostly looking forward to is the many, many, many…..many bowls of laksa I am going to have. I have been craving a chicken laksa with extra bean curd from Happy Chef in Newtown ever since I moved to Melbourne, so I can see myself hanging out there quite a bit while I’m in town.

Fascinating. Well one last question, do you have a process when you are preparing for a show?
I’d like to be one of those performers who has a really profound process and relationship to the work, but really my approach consists of day drinking gin while I stress eat peanut M&M’s and try my hardest to remind myself that I am talented as I wonder if it is too late to be the hairdresser my mother always wanted me to be…

Gavin Roach’s one-man show The Measure Of A Man is presented as part of the Sydney Fringe 2016.
Dates: 13 – 18 September, 2016
Venue: New Theatre