5 Questions with Brooke Ryan and Peter William Jamieson

Brooke Ryan

Brooke Ryan

Peter William Jamieson: What are three words that define your character ‘Claire’?
Brooke Ryan: Naive, conflicted and raw.

You’ve got an interesting scene with Tabasco Sauce, how have you been preparing for it?
That scene is about so much more than just the sauce! But to answer your question… it’s taken teamwork, research & imagination to bring it to life. No method acting here!

What are you thoughts on the director and other actors in the process?
They really tickle my funny bone. All of them. And I’m waiting for someone to turn into a raging diva, but I’m probably the closest we’ve got to it!

Half the job’s done when you’re made to feel safe to explore this content – so I’m feeling particularly blessed in that department.

I love (the director) Rich’s brain. He’s a very clever man. Daring, edgy and funny too.

I get excited about playing with these people, they make me lift my game.

What’s one thing you want the audience to reflect upon when they leave the theatre?
So long as they’re reflecting on something, my job’s done. I’m not aiming towards selling a particular message, that’s too heady. I think the play will speak for itself and resonate with everyone differently. Early on I was concerned that some of the content may potentially trigger negative things in people but that’s no longer my concern. I trust that if you’re there and you’re watching it whatever comes up for you is supposed to, pleasant or otherwise.

What’s been the funniest moment in rehearsals thus far?
Answering this openly jeopardises the project… But keep your eye on David Woodland, he is one funny fellow.

Peter William Jamieson

Peter William Jamieson

Brooke Ryan: In your own words- what is this play about?
Peter William Jamieson: The sheer thrill of everything that’s bad, wicked and foul.

What attracted you to the role of Sid?
The fact he is the absolute opposite of me.

If Sid were an animal, what animal would he be?
Red belly black snake.

What are you thoughts on the director and other actors in the process?
Everyone involved is really pushing each other to do the best possible work. Richard’s vision for the piece is so vivid and inspiring.

You write as well as act. Which outlet do you prefer and why? And are you working on any projects at the moment?
Currently working on adapting a screenplay from a play I wrote called Retrograde.

Brooke Ryan and Peter William Jamieson can be seen in Year Of The Family by Anthony Neilson.
Dates: 10 – 20 Feb, 2016
Venue: Kings Cross Theatre