5 Questions with Ross Chisari

rosschisariWhat is your favourite swear word?
Easily, fuck. I say it like people say the word ‘and’ or ‘like’. I think it’s because I’m Italian. It’s basically the first word we learn!

What are you wearing?
Ha, I’m currently wearing Superman boxers from Peter Alexander. If I’m gonna sleep in something, it has to be classy.

What is love?
Love is difficult. It’s difficult to find. It’s difficult to understand. It’s difficult to hold onto. That feeling towards something or someone that makes you defy all logic. It’s what some people dream about, or (like me) it’s what some people spitefully toast to cheap wine and thai take-out!

What was the last show you saw, and how many stars do you give it?
The last show I saw was Sweet Charity at the Opera House. It’s a knock-out show. The cast is actually a joke to watch on stage and the music gives you chills. 4.5 stars for sure!!!

Is your new show going to be any good?
Man Of La Mancha is going to be like nothing anyone has ever seen before. It’s got an incredible cast and creative team and the company have the most inspirational, dedicated, hard-working soul as it’s leader (Tony Sheldon) and I have a feeling we’re gonna cause a stir whether people like it or not!!! 😉

Ross Chisari is choreographing and also appearing in Man Of La Mancha, with Squabbalogic Independent Music Theatre.
Show dates: 25 Feb – 21 Mar, 2015
Show venue: Seymour Centre