Review: Notre Dame De Paris (Base Entertainment)

14247-140-7[1]Venue: Marina Bay Sands (Singapore), Dec 17, 2013 – Jan 11, 2014
Book: Victor Hugo
Music: Riccardo Cocciante
Lyrics: Luc Plamondom (English translation by Will Jennings)
Director: Giles Maheu
Actors: Alessandra Ferrari, Matt Laurent, Robert Marien, Richard Charest, Alberto Mangia Vinci, Ian Carlyle, Elicia MacKenzie

Theatre review
The story unfolds with a lack of clarity, and the English lyrics are less than elegant, but this “Musical Spectacular” features a cast of astounding talent (largely Canadian), and their work makes for an evening of inspiration and fantastic entertainment.

Robert Marien is outstanding as Frollo, with a magnificent voice that is world class. The songs he performs showcase his talents well, and allow for the performer to steal the show effortlessly. Alessandra Ferrari plays Esmeralda, impressing her audience with a vocal range that will remain unforgettable. Even though her role is spectacularly anti-feminist, Ferrari is able to charm her way and make her audience fall into endearment.

Choreography is relatively conventional, but the team of dancers and acrobats perform at a level that can only be described as stellar. We are treated to an incredibly high energy and accomplished presentation, with influences from jazz, modern and break dance, along with shades of Cirque du Soleil and the Eurovision Song Contest. Yes, things do get kitschy, but they are irresistibly so.

The theatre seats 2,155 but today’s session probably was less than a quarter filled. The performers were entirely unperturbed and gave their all, and the audience was obviously swept away. The standing ovation at the end of the evening was genuine, and well deserved.