The Star Child (The Genesian Theatre)

rsz_starchildVenue: The Genesian Theatre (Sydney NSW), Nov 23 – Dec 14, 2013
Book & Lyrics: Roger Gimblett (based on story by Oscar Wilde)
Music: Nicholas Edwards
Director: Roger Gimblett and Stephen Lloyd Coombs
Actors: Ben Bennett, Elizabeth MacGregor, Robert Green, Martin Searles, Amber Wilcox, Michael Jones, Dominic Scarf, Timothy Bennett
Image by Mark Banks

Theatre review
Based on a children’s story from Oscar Wilde, The Star Child is a new family musical about a boy acquiring the virtues of humility and generosity. It is a moral tale told through humour and fun, and would appeal to audiences across different religious backgrounds. Most of the songs are well-written, with several memorable jazz tunes standing out. Choreography is careful to accommodate the various skill levels in the cast, who all appear to be comfortable with their moves.

Ben Bennett plays the Star Child, with impressive vocal range and power. He is a confident performer and has a youthful vigour that is perfect for the role. Bennett’s keenness for the comedic elements in the story helps with keeping the show buoyant, and his chemistry with co-performers is a joy to watch. Dominic Scarf’s scene as the Rabbit is cheeky and delightful. His performance adds colour and pizzazz to the proceedings, and delivers some of the funniest moments in the show. Timothy Bennett and Daniel Hitchings play multiple roles and although they do not have solo numbers in the show, both shine with the comedy they introduce throughout the course of the production.

Children are impressionable. It is important they hear stories that feature worthy role models and extoll true virtues. The Star Child is a show that will hold every child’s attention, entertain them and most importantly, inspire them.