The Good, The Bad & The Lawyer (Big Splash Productions)

rsz_gbl_40_-_geoff_mark_marcVenue: TAP Gallery (Surry Hills NSW), Oct 10 – 27, 2013
Playwright: Tony Laumberg
Director: Richard Cotter
Actors: Mark McCann, Tricia Youlden, Brigid O’Sullivan, Geoff Sirmai, Marc Kay

Theatre review
This is Tony Laumberg’s fifth script with his Crowley characters. Henry is a conservative Sydney lawyer, and his wife Margaret is a headstrong left-leaning “home maker” who likes nothing more than to challenge her husband’s belief system. In this installment, Margaret decides to welcome an asylum seeker from Iran in their home much to Henry’s chagrin, but the real conflict begins when Henry’s cousin Mickey arrives from Queensland, with a lot of baggage.

Performances in this comedy are consistently exuberant. Geoff Sirmai’s portrayal of Ahmed (the Iranian) should be noted for avoiding gross stereotyping, and also for being the most surprising character in the show. The actors all have different individual strengths that are used to their maximum potential, but some moments could benefit from a little curbing of enthusiasm. Their madcap frenetic energy is effective to a point, but too much of a good thing ends up a little repetitious in this 2 hour production.

The play’s structure is a classic one, and Laumberg is adept at writing jokes and clever punch lines. A bit of editing would perhaps tighten the second half the show, but The Good, The Bad & The Lawyer delivers a night of entertainment with plenty of good, clean laughs.