5 Questions with Rodney Marks

Rodney-Marks-comedian-(1)What is your favourite swear word?
I stand for a fair go. I believe every Australian deserves to share in the profits of the mining boom.

What are you wearing?
Hope. Reward. Opportunity.

What is love?
True Labor values. Working families.

What was the last show you saw, and how many stars do you give it?
I think they are all excellent candidates, they have grown up in the area, and they know what the people want.

Is your new show going to be any good?
I promise. This is my contract. You have seen what I stand for. We can’t afford another three years like the last six.


Rodney Marks is writer and star of Farewell Tour Of Sydney’s Longest Serving Public Servant.
Show dates: 18 Aug – 15 Dec (4pm, 1st and 3nd Sundays of each month)
Show venue: The Roxbury Hotel